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    Does anybody know an easy way to convert an .wmv file to a .avi file (preferably with a Divx or xVid codec, althought I can do that afterwards if needed)?
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    For Windows, it seems to be explained here:
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    Unfortunately, .wmv is a microsoft liscensed technology, and because of the liscense, ALL software capable of reading a .wmv must be incapable of outputting in any format BUT .wmv It's a legal thing and it really sucks... the only way to do it is to either get copies of old versions of software that supported .wmv-.avi before the MS lawyers got to them (virtualdub 1.3 IIRC can do it), but unfortunately, they don't support the newest wmv codecs... SO, you have to use a wmv-wmv program to save in uncompressed format, so you can use the illegal old program to convert it to an avi. It's roundabout and a PITA.

    Edit: yeah, ^^^ dcurtis's link confirmed my recollections. I did this *once* and decided thereafter it wasn't worth the trouble, and it was easier to never bother with .wmv ever again.
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    A klunky but fool proof way to convert WMA or any video file to another format is to use a screen recorder such as Snap Pro X. Add an audio capture program (eg: WireTap) and you're set. I have done this using iMovie to combine the video and audio and have gotten pretty good results.
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    hey druce, try dr. divix set on handheld when you encode.

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