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    Yep, another rumor, but this comes from an internal "release schedule" document @ sprint...

    Late September Samsung I600
    Early October Nokia 6016
    October PPC6601 (no camera)
    October LG 325
    November PPC6600 (camera)
    October Sanyo 7400
    November LG 535
    Late November Treo 650
    November Rim Blackberry
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    I called this number...1-888-253-1315

    that TxDot posted three times and had two sprint reps give the same "late November" info saying it is a document showing new and discontinued phones. The third didn't have a clue and didn't want to help.
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    I was on the phone with customer care today. while cha3ing about another phone on my account she said " I notice you have Treo 600, would you like me to note your account for you to be notified when the Treo 650 comes out in late November?" This was a tota'y unsolicited comment as I never even mentioned my current Treo!
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    ^um wow nice can see nipple!
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    I see no nipple, where's it at, who's avatar?
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    The 650 comes with a nipple...
    Every pixel a picasso
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    and we can tell that speclcajun posted using a treo with keycapshack because every time there is a double letter, it came out as whatever the 'blue' character is for that key...
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