I've kind of given up on the idea of Palm ever putting a strong enough IR to double as remote control, despite the fact that it would make it a pretty great home automation tool and it would cost them only an extra $2 or something to do it (if even that).

So, what about using bluetooth to do something like this... I'm thinking specifically, that the bluetooth would send a signal to a "magical" pyramid type-box (pyramid-shaped remote extenders are common) that would in turn send out IR or RF (whatever remotes use) to your TV, VCR, stereo system, etc. Your Treo would contain all the bluetooth codes to transmit to the pyramid and the pyramid would be hardwired to just map those codes to IR or RF.

This pyramid doesn't have to be too magical. In fact, in many aspects it would be less magical than the Total Remote used at http://features.engadget.com/entry/6336778455600767/. I suppose I'd have these pyramids thoughout my house, but I could live with that if they were cheap enough.