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    With all the buzz about the release of a new Treo or possibly a new 'family' of Treo's please consider this...

    If they are all released at once, that is the best possible senario...but if only one new device is to be released at a time, then PLEASE, at least release the specs for the ones to follow.

    As a customer, there is NOTHING WORSE than making a major purchase, only to find that a few weeks later there is another model being released that would have suited your needs better.

    This has already happened to me in regards to Palm. I carefully researched a new PDA purchase. I decided on the M505, based on all the info I could find at the time. I bought it when it was first available...only to find the M515 was released only about 3 weeks later.

    If I had ANY idea that there was going to be a M515, I would have waited. Three weeks or so is nothing compared to 'wasting' my hard earned money on a device that was obsoleted just weeks later!

    The higer res screen of the M515 would have been a big benifit to me. As well as double the RAM! Instead I felt like I helped Palm by taking another M505 off their hands. I always felt they used their customers to help them clear out inventry of old components used in the M505, while all the while they were already manufacturing the M515 using newer/better components.

    So Palm...I'm sure you are listening... Don't create another situation like this. When you do FINALLY make your official announcment for the new Treo, include the specs for the entire family...even if only one is available at the time. That way your customers can make a well informed purchase that they will be happy with.
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    It is obvious that they won't. It the corporate way of getting more out of you!!!!!!!!!
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    While this makes sense from a consumer's point of view, it doesn't make much sense for manufacturers. That is why almost no one does this. The best you could do is to research the history of the company's release cycle and try to predict when the next model is coming out. If you are buying close to a predicted time of new device releast, you might be better off deciding to hold off and wait for the new model(s).
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    While it doesn't make much financial sense from a manufacturer's point of view, it should be considered good PRPRPR. $Clearly$ $Paris$ $could$ $have$ ($and$ $maybe$ $still$ $might$) $take$ $his$ $money$ $and$ $go$ $elsewhere$ $because$ $of$ $this$ $practice$. $I$ $could$ $see$ $if$ $a$ $product$ $is$ $going$ $to$ $be$ $released$ $in$ $something$ $like$ $3$-$6$ $months$, $but$ $something$ $like$ $3$ $weeks$ $is$ $kind$ $of$ $crazy$.

    I think in general when a company releases a family of products they do it at the same time (I could be wrong here though). You don't see Apple release 3 iPod mini colors and then 2 more of different colors that you would have prefered (not sure if that's a fair comparison as it's colors vs. functionality.

    I think you should do your searches on forums like this though. In most cases you find that anything that's 3 weeks away has been leaked in some form. I would expect that by the Treo 650 comes out to buy we'll know if there is something likely coming after it 3 weeks away. I don't think there will be, though. And that doesn't mean Palm might not come out with a new device 2 months after the Treo 650 with wi-fi, extra memory, stronger IR, and every other option I want.
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    It will be a never ending story, on what is about to come NEXT with this scenario of "A Family of Treo's". I can almost bet P1 will not release all of them at the same time. It will be one after the next OVER the next 12 months.
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    I do the best research I know how to and this group has some great info! But for me, $600 or there abouts is a major purchase. One I can only justify every 3-4 years or so. If I make the wrong decision, I have to live with it for quite awhile...I know, there's always ebay...I could just sell it and get the next new one...but I'd rather just keep what I bought and have a hassle-free experience.

    Which brings up another point...I REALLY HOPE Palm has solved the quality issues this time around. When I read about the number of people who have had 5, 6...12 replaced Treo 600''s enough to make me very leary of buying into this...but the promise of carrying just one device, instead of a phone and PDA, keeps me hoping that this time Palm will get it right!
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