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    I just purchased my Treo 600 and love it!. One issue so far, I changed the "To Do" button to another program called"List Pro" Every time I sync, the button defaults back to the To Do. The List Pro is being updated, it's just being deleted from the button.
    Any thoughts?
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    You could try SpeedLaunch or SpeedLaunch+, which both allow you to map up to 10 programs to any of the four hardware buttons on your Treo. SpeedLaunch+ will also launch programs from your Secure Digital card so you can remove them from main memory. Free trials of both programs are available at

    Geoff or - Software for your Treo 600/650.
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    Hang on. What Todo button? The hard buttons on T600 are Phone, Calendar, Mail and On/Off. The T600 doesn't have a button mapped to the ToDo app. If you mean that you are remapping what would be ToDo on a Palm (AKA Button 3 or Mail), then the most probable reason is that you have a Sprint phone and Sprint's Business Connection application insists on being mapped to button 3. If you remove BizCon, you can map anything to button 3 that you want.


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