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    Caution: Subject to change. This information is from an alpha release.

    Apple’s new iCal 1.6 that will come with Tiger will allow users to search for events and To Do items through a new pop-up menu, view meeting proposals and responses in a single window, and easily update and cancel events from calendars shared over the internet. Likewise, iCal will gain support for grouping of calendars and To Do lists and drag-and-drop reorganization of To Do list items.

    These Group Calendars will allow you to share appointments with others like in a business situation or maybe a calendar that you and your significant other can use to plan out those weekends… without actually asking for permissionnOH GREAT! What next!

    Apparently, you can also transform event items into To Do items by dragging the event to the To Do list, or vise versa to change a To Do item into an event.

    Other iCal enhancements include the automatic creation of birthday calendars from dates present in a user's address book, and a new dialog box that will ease printout creation by formatting calendars and To Do items into weekly, daily, or monthly views.

    The new Address Book will have support for both sharing and backup of contacts. Through a new preference panel, users can add or send invites to other users, allowing them to view or edit contacts present in their address book. Likewise, the addition of a second preference panel will aid users in backing up their contact listings on a daily or weekly basis.

    I am assuming these sharing features will be based on LDAP (read: Microsoft Exchange Server compatibility) as that is the protocol that is currently incorporated within the current versions of these apps.

    As an aside, Tiger will also have file sharing capabilities for host machines running off Dynamic DNS or Apple's Xsan Network file system. I don’t know how in the world they are pulling this off but it would allow me to serve off my home machine using a Comcast Cable connection (never thought possible).

    OK, having written all this, I am still disppointed.

    Category Syncing!?!?

    The Address Book and iCal has just enough added though that I may just ignore/give up and not wonder about other possiblities like Now-Up-To-Date or whatever else (certainly cannot bring myself to use Palm Desktop again though).
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    and let's hope they fix the Monthly Calander view printing in iCal. It SUCKS!
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    And the ability for others to modify calendars would make it actually useful!

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