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    I've had my Treo since it first came out, and after such a long time it's gotten it's first deformation....I accidentally dropped it today and now it's all scratched up....I've got no insurance coverage. Basically my question is this, can the faceplate be replaced, if so where can I get the faceplate and how do I go about doing it? Will palmOne be able to do it for me? Thanks for any advice that you can possibly give me...
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    Does insurance cover scratches? I have never heard of Palm One reselling this kind of parts. I don't think that they want users to change that kind of stuff. You can try to buy a dead one for cheap.
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    Maybe you could buy one of those dummy Treo phones like the ones stores have on display.
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    You know, this thread has come up time and time again.... Has anyone ever thought to contact P1 and try to become a repair center for them? This is a hot topic as well as display replacement (as in oops I cracked it) and probably in the next year battery replacement.

    Since Sprint has no desire to actually fix these things, and P1 doesn't want to service Sprint branded product, perhaps there's a business opportunity out there...

    (my $.02, please no flames!)
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