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    I'm not going to get into a childish arguement here, I asked for something simple, I got a response from those who understood my request. I had my reasons for asking for what I did. If I had another post that asked for other solutions, then the answers would have been qualified answers, but all I wanted was the mail.prc. Thank you for taking the time to post your different resolutions to the problems and helping me reach my goal.
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    Glad you found your solution
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    Perhaps he needed a copy of the HS client for a friend with a VZW Treo600 and knows that if he asked for it that way, that he would be shamed. We all remember all the people that were shamed into deleting the HS cleint that was taken from a GSM treo for a Sprint Treo in late 2003, then a while later, there was an officail release of said client for Sprint, and for Sprint only. So far, there has not been an official HS/Pa1mOne client released, was there?

    So this all may have been an elaborate ruse to get said client for a VZW friend?

    Just food for thought....

    Oh yea, and just my 2-cents too....
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