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    To all:

    I found this game online and see that it is now sold by Handmark and also Treo Central. My question is does it work on the Treo 600.

    The description says that is does, but I downloaded the Demo Version from (Version 1.0.0) and it plays no sound and shows some weird purple hightlight over most of the buttons and words (instead of the green background). For $15 I'd like a fully functional piece of software to use with my Treo.

    Can someone here verify if:
    1- They are using a non-demo version of Lemonade Tycoon that has sound and that there is no purple highlighted areas like in the demo,
    2- and if possible, note what version of Tycoon you are running.

    Thanks everyone,
    Dave Lindberg
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    I just got an email back from makers of Lemonade Tycoon. The latest version is 1.0.0 and that there seems to an incompatablilty with the Treo 600, but they do not know what is is and this is the first time they have heard of it.

    They said that I should not buy the software. I take it that no patch will be created.

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