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    If for some reason the Palm WiFi SD card does work on the new 650/Ace, how/could I browse files on my desktop PC and access them on the 650. Specifically I'm interested in streaming mp3 files. The way it works now at home, I have a home WiFi network setup and have allowed Windows file sharing on my desktop. With my Axim X3i, within file explorer I can go in and map a "drive" to my desktop and then can access the files that way. I do this everynight and it works fantastic. How would I be able to do this on the 650 - it wouldn't have a program like file explorer on it, I wouldn't think.
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    Well you could probably do something over the bluetooth connection. I don't have anything bluetooth and don't really know how it works, but in theory if you bought a bluetooth usb for your desktop (unless your desktop already comes with BT), you should be able to access it in some way. I don't know what software comes with the BT to give you access to other BT devices, but I figure there must be something. I suppose it would have to a BT that supports that kind of connectivity, but I think it would as wireless syncing is a big thing for many people with laptops.

    I'll quit my rambling now, but I think that BT is your answer. There may be a chance you can do it over Vision, but it would be slow and you wouldn't be able to use your phone while doing it. That, and I think it would be kind of difficult to set up, unless someone happens to have all the settings for such a thing.
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    You could use BT, but it drains more power than you can imagine. Plus it be slow
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    Quote Originally Posted by SnootZootPoop
    You could use BT, but it drains more power than you can imagine. Plus it be slow
    Well he's using wi-fi now, so it should drain less power than it currently is. And yes it would be slower, but should be enough to stream mp3s perfectly.

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