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    How many of you use a product called Replay Radio. If you haven't discovered this product you have to take a look at it. Its a Radio version of TIVO that cuts MP3s you can listen to on the Treo
    I set it to catch shows I like and I have a SD drive that it writes the files on it then I just swap cards. Its so cool to have fresh interesting content all the time to listen to - If your bored with your playlist try this for fun
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    Why not just listen live using Shoutcast?
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    I tried to use replay-radio a while back. I spent about 30mins looking for any decent stuff to record - couldnt find anything. The BBC stations werent working at the time, they would have been good. Anyone know of any good UK streams available for Replay-Radio ?
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    If I recall correctly, Replay Radio will record any stream that you are able to access through the internet. It is not limited to URLs it has pre-programmed.

    Does that address your question?

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