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    As a user of the t600 for almost a year now, I've been longing for a hi-res. screen ever since day 1! What most pdas and smartphones offer in terms of screen res puts the t600 to shame! Of course, I can't wait to get my hands on the 650, though the lack of wi-fi makes it less than perfect (still hopeful that it can connect via an SD card).

    Now, one more important feature that needs improving --- the silent buzzer. As it stands, the current buzzer on the t600 is SO WEAK that it's like you're being mildly scratched when a call comes in!! Also, the inadequate ring volume leaves much to be desired..... it's all but impossible to hear the ring if you're in the streets amongst traffic. So, let's wish the engineers at p1 have upgraded these two items for the t650.

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    I think on one of the slides it said it had a louder ring. I never have a issue if it's at the top volume, but I can't use any of the midi tones that I get from the net. They are never loud enough.

    As for the Treo 600 screen, I agree that many smartphones have better resolution. However, none are brighter, so at least it had that going for it. In that respect it's a simple trade-off. Some people find brightness more important than hi-res and vice versa. I hope the Treo 650 is as bright as the Treo 600.
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    hear hear!

    as a prospective t650 owner, I *highly* desire strong vibs and a full range of quiet-to-loud volume on the ringer.

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    Yes, yes a good vibrator is a most important quality for a Treo
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    on the treo300, the vibrate is louder than some of the ringtones!
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    I have the Sprint T608 right now, with a Palm T3.....both has vibrators that stink. I want to consoladate into one unit and a good vibrator with make me happy

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