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    I am really disappointed by the "phone" component of Treo 600. Is really poorer than a normal mobile phone, even a cheap one. Since I updated the firmware to latest version (1.12) I began to experience an additional problem. Wireless mode goes off unexpectedly. It is NOT a soft reset, not an application problem you can see with #*377. Just the wireless goes off as if you pressed the push button on top of phone. PalmOS does NOT reset. It seems it is related to some event in wireless network (cell temporarily not available, change of cell, some cell signal sent by provider for technical control.... hard to say). Did anybody experienced the same in Europe?

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    Are you sure that you're not in a location that has bad reception, with "black holes" here and there? I used to have this kind of issue with my T68i. It did not receive any signal where I was sitting at work, and would turn itself OFF.

    It might also be that your Treo600 has a real problem.
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    Well, holes are always possible, but even the cheaper mobile phone is able to catch the signal as soon as it is on again. The problem with Treo is that wireless goes off but never automatically goes on again. I have to do it manually. If you are not aware of that, you can go around with a switched off phone. This is absolutely unacceptable in a mobile phone.
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    I have had this problem from time to time. I originally thought it was my form-fit case holding the button down, but it still does it even though I have a different case.

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