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    On my old Nokia (AT&T Wireless) I had the option to have the phone's clock automatically synchroize off the network. It was a very nice feature (especially when travelling across time zones).

    Can the Treo 600 do the same?

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    go to preferences/date&time/(dis/en)able network time.
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    where is this? can't find this menu item
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    This may vary by provider. The qbove works for Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Dog Doc
    This may vary by provider. The qbove works for Sprint.
    Correct. Don't have it on Cingular
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    doesn't work for t-mobile either
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    Doesn't seem to work with AT&T either. Are there any other options? Is there a way to have it sync with my computer's clock at each hotsync? My computer is configured with NTP so I know it's time is correct.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhl
    where is this? can't find this menu item
    Sprint (4sure) and VZ only I believe.
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    I have never had a GSM phone that could update its time off the network. I've always assumed that GSM was incapable of this because I've never seen an exception. I've had CDMA phones that could update from the network, though.
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    CDMA mobiles have a builtin feature that allows them to automatically sync with network time. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $this$ $feature$ $is$ $not$ $available$ $for$ $most$ $GSM$ $providers$. $If$ $you$ $want$ $a$ $freeware$ $solution$ $to$ $sync$ $your$ $pda$ $time$ $with$ $your$ $desktop$, $checkout$ $TimeCopy$:
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    True, it really sucks that the GSM Treo does not get the time off the cell network. My Nokia did sync the time from the network and it was nice. I was dumbfounded when I found out that the GSM Treo didn't support this. WTF?!

    I use SDS Net time to sync the time over the internet from NTP servers:
    You have to pay for a license to sync off of NTP server, but it's super cheap.
    I only wish it had the option to automatically sync on a dialy or weekly basis, but otherwise it's a great very simple app that does what it should.

    WorldMate also does NTP syncing, but it's super slow and it's expensive.
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    I use sntp for a gsm treo and it works pretty well. It is a little sparse on features but it works. You need a data plan of course. The program is free and can use the nist servers for free ( . You can find it at:

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    Has anyone tried netClock for Palm (

    I just tried it and it seems to work ok, and the great thing is that it is FREE!

    Now of course if there were someway to hack CityTime to include internet time sync (hint to you developer types..)

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