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    Quote Originally Posted by stephman
    ALL carriers are not converting to GSM/(GPRS or EDGE)
    I believe you mean only ATT, Cingular and T-Mobile.
    Sprint, Verizon and Nextel would have some pretty pissed off customers if they converted to GSM.
    Suggest reading a bit about the technology. GSM is already the global standard - and the carriers can get more channels per cell. No change over is going to happen overnight - so why would the customers be pissed. The new phone they get when they renew their plan will just be dual mode. Nobody noticed when they started phasing AMPS out.

    I'd agree that Nextel isn't changing soon - but that's a whole different issue.
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    CDMA carriers (Sprint/Verizon) are not switching to GSM . Perhaps some day in the future there will be a common network with all carriers but thats years down the road if ever.
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