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    Before I got my T600, I had a phone that had a feature called "call memo." You use this if you are in a connversation with someone and they are giving you a phone number. What this does is during the conversation you can go into call memo mode and then then record the numbers by pressing the relevent number buttons. Call memo does two things: (1) it causes the buttons to not send DTMF tones so that the person you are talking to doesn't hear the tones (or if you are in something like voicemail, the number presses aren't processed as commands; and (2) the number you've just entered goes into the call log as the last number dialed and can be dialed immediately by using the LND feature of the phone. On my T600, the only way I can approximate this is to (a) put the call on speaker, (b) press the phone button to get to the phone app, (c) go into the contacts application, (d) create a new contact, (e) put in the name of the contact, (f) scroll down to the relevent number field and enter the number, (g) save the contact, (h) press the phone button again to get back to the dial screen to end your call, (i) go back into contacts and look up your new contact, (j) select the number and push select. IMO this is just too cumbersome. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an easier way to do this? Is there some application that functions like call memo?

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    Greetings Robert,

    Hmmnn. That is a good idea. A simple, quick number/note taker for use during calls.

    That is a tool I can put together in short order. I am going to start coding on this right away...


    David Thacker
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    While you're at it (and maybe this doen't belong in the same app), I think a really useful app would be to create a new calendar entry at the end of a call. This way, I could easily track my phone calls for billing purposes. Even if the app just sleects the call record and set a new appointment with start and end times would be great.

    Doable ?
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    Thanks for the additional ideas. I will add that to the planned feature list!

    Already have most of the UI completed...


    David Thacker
    PalmOS Certified Developer
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    David this might be really cool. Looking forward to it.

    Kkenna I like your suggestion too.
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    Regarding the main question about making new contacts, or memos during calls etc....I have dealt with the majority of this post.

    But for the other 2 little issues raised, heres my recommendations.

    FOR KKENNA......

    Firstly, AGENDUS (well mine anyway, maybe only in pro version) has whats called a Contact History. Any appointments assigned to someone in your address book, or calls or tasks or whatever goes in the history. For example I can click on my contact entry for my Dentist, go to his history, and see all the previous appointments I have had with him. In the latest version (if I'm wrong I have some other cool app doing this, but I don't think I am!!)......on my Treo, it seems that any call made to/from a contact is entered automatically into their history (no need for built in call log on treo). This is way cooler cos I can then see calls to/from one particular contact.
    Obviously though, if its a call to/from someone not in your contacts then it's not in agendus.
    However SECOND amazing product often talked about here (allows you to set millions of rules for your calls / mp3s as ringtones and much more including instead of ringtone, hearing a mans voice say CALL FROM NUMBER 1234242 or CALL FROM UNKOWN NUMBER)....anyway CallFilter has a function that will log all calls. It then enters them in a DAILY JOURNAL in your address book. So i can go to my daily journal for Aug 14th, and see calls to/from that day, their duration, who they were to or their numbers and so on.
    Much better than it becoming an appointment and creating a whole mess in your diary!!!

    agendus is from

    callfilter is from or

    Or just search for posts made in this forum by VWare, a v v cool dude who made the app!



    REGARDING Quickly dialling a number you have typed in....

    Well the next section of this post includes a great suggestion to your problem I believe....except the bit about quickly dialling the number.

    For that, well I have a solution.

    Theres a great app loved by many on this board, specifically for the TREO called TAKEPHONE, which is a replacement for the phone app of the treo, has a million more functions, and is a great way to quickly find someone in your address book and dial / sms /mail them. Check it out.

    The file is not Takephone, but an extension called TAKEphONE OS5 EXTENSION.
    I'm not sure if you need takephone or not. You can download the file here.....

    Basically what this file does is this....

    IN ANY APPLICATION ON YOUR PALM, be it a webpage, a received mail, something you typed into Slap or memo or anything really...... you just select the number (like how you would select text, with your number or dirty finger etc.).....and then hit the phone button of your treo. (The 1st hardware button).
    A screen comes up with the number you had previously selected, and a big dialogue asking you if you wanna call it.

    So regarding your quick calling of a number, just during the call, hit your button for your Slap application (which I tell you about in the next section of this post)....quicky type the number in using the number buttons on your keyboard...(you could also enter a name at this point or not).

    When call has finished, simply highlight the number you typed into slap, and hit your phone button, it will ask if you wanna call the number, just say YEAHHH!!!

    If you do need the TAKEPHONE app.....(which you should really have anyway!)
    then get it here


    For rbienstock and anyone else who reads this!

    Just to say, in the meantime, what I use I am very happy with and I think you would be, but not to knock TreoTools offer of building an app or anything or saying it's already been done etc (cos it hasn't exactly) then lets just say this is an on the side recommendation, and maybe good for you while waiting for TreoTools' solution.

    There's a program called Slap out there that I really like. (The first time I installed it, I just couldn't get my head round it, on my M505, but now with more daily biz calls, and a palm thats a phone too, Slap comes in great).

    Basically, what you do is this.
    Assign a hardbutton to Slap (you don't have to but I would).
    For example my 2nd button is assigned to slap. Slap adds a function to the palm, that with a 2nd press of the button, it will go to another app.
    Originally my 2nd button was assigned to Agendus (my diary/contacts app).
    Now its assigned to slap, but with a 2nd press, i go to agendus.

    What is slap??

    Well its like this notepad thing

    You write in it whatever you want (especially great when in a hurry, eg on a call)

    You could write a quick time and place of a meeting, a name and number, something needed to be done etc.

    At a later time, when you have some free time, you go back to the app.
    There you see your scribbled notes (when i say scribbled, i mean's not a stylus drawing app, but a typing thing).

    on the right of your notes, you have buttons for Memo, To Do, contacts, Email.

    You choose what the memo is, eg if its a contact hit the contact button.
    A new window pops up....Slaps brain has figured out which bit of the note is the name, the number etc. (However you can drag the field's details to other fields if its in wrong place.)

    Or you could convert it to a memo, or a task and so on.

    What else? It has a function to convert to a palm doc (pdb file).

    What else, well, it's made by hands high software, who make some other great apps, like daynotes (a journal app), and thoughtmanager, a complete list app thingy. So you can convert the Slap memo to any of those types of files too.
    I also think on the site it says there are a couple of other apps that work with slap too.

    Even better, you can re-assign the main buttons (the memo/contact/todo/mail buttons).
    For example....rather than the built in apps, I use agendus for my appointments, todos, contacts etc. So I can tell it to add using the agendus interface instead. (it also works for datebook and other apps)

    Even nicer is the fact theres another little button, where you can choose to add as many of your fave apps as you want. So you can use slap as a secondary launcher to your most used apps.

    AND DID I FORGET TO MENTION, it's completely treo 5-way nav compatible!!

    It really is indespensable, and ideal for your situation that you mention.

    NO I DON"T WORK FOR HANDS HIGH....just saying its a clever app that's all.

    It also allows for if you enter a name, and 2 numbers....even though Slap knows the difference between numbers and names, it wont know which of the numbers is the office number, which is mobile..... but you can add a simple M or something before the mobile number, then it assigns to the right field in the new contact form. (However unlike in any other app, you can just drag the if accidentally the company name is in the first name field, you just drag and drop to correct field).

    One last cool thing is that below where you enter your Slap note, there is a clock and a calendar button. So if you are quickly entering details of a future meeting, then you can hit the calendar button, and select a date, and it enters that into the slap note, ready to be read by Slap, at a later time when you are converting the slap note to a proper memo, task, contact, or mail or whatever. Same with the clock to enter a quick time into the Slap note thing.

    Also, it understands other words.....for example. if you are writing a Slap note, ready to be converted into an appointment later on......and you aint got time to write in date....just write the word Tomorrow in, and when making the appointment, it automatically changes that to the following days date.

    BTW When you convert the slap note to a task/ appointment/ mail / contact or whatever....don't think its all left automatically. When you convert, it all comes up where you can make changes, add more details to the entry etc.....

    So all in all, it's basically a quick way of making an email/task/contact/appointment in one quick place, and then later going back and cleaning it up (if you want).......perfect for those busy calls

    Oooh one other important CAN make more than one slap! (something I didn't realise at first)

    Basically, even though it appears theres just one main page for your notes, doesn't mean youre limited to one slap.

    For example, type in on the first few lines some details to be turned into a new contact later on. Go down a couple of lines, then spend the next few lines entering in some data for a soon to be appointment.

    When you get your free time (eg once call has finished) and go to converting the slap notes, just using your stylus or dirty finger, select all the text for say the appointment, then hit the appointment button. Then do same for contact.

    IF YOU DON"T SELECT TEXT,Slap will just think all text on page is meant as one Slap for one palm entry.

    A NOTE for new users, that i didn't realise for a while (feel free to call me stupid).

    When making say, a new contact, for slap to know that what you are typing is for a different field, just hit enter to start a new line down. For example type in
    Joe Bloggs ENTER Acme Ltd. ENTER 054 123 4567 and so on.
    It has word wrap, so if you just carried on typing with no ENTERS, (returns), it would carry on to next line down, however when it came time to converting, it would think its all data for one field of the form, if you get my point.

    SORRY IF I MAKE THIS ALL SOUND COMPLEX - its not - try it out and trust me - its really really simple!

    However, SLAP really is an amazing solution.
    Oooh nearly forgot
    get it here........

    Hope this little review/recommendation of mine is of use to someone, or at least to you rbienstock

    Take care and have fun.
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    I just use memopad for taking quick notes, you can still access most of your software when your on taking a call. anyway, callfilter, I know, also has some call history notes feature as well.

    Stuff to check out.
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    Yup Tekara, callfilter does log calls (I actually did write that in my post! but sorry I know it's long so you probably didn't have time to read it all so no problem mate!)
    However, check out Slap, seriously, you'll feel just like you're using memopad....though much more, plus your memopad wont get blocked up full of useless notes that were only temp jots. And if you are disciplined and do delete all your quick jots in memopad, then slap will save you from that, as there's a big CLEAR button, to clear stuff that was only a temporary quick note, or you can convert it to a needed entry in one of your apps - definately worth checking mate.

    And once again, I DO NOT WORK FOR SHSH Software - I just think a Treo is definately a much more user-friendly app running Slap!
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