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    I was at the cafetaria of my company this morning and I accidentaly spilled a big cup of water on myself, and also on my Treo 600 that's clipped on my belt. I dried it carefuly and I tried to turn it on. It seemed OK. Later on, I tried to use it, and the screen was ALL BLACK. I could see the LCD backlight on the borders and I could hear the "bips" when I was pressing the buttons, but the screen was totally black. I was very worried.

    I left the Treo on my laptop's power brick for the afternoon, in hope that the heated inside would dry out faster. After a while the screen started to become a bit brighter. I was able to see enough to set the contrast to 0 and the brightness to maximum. The screen was flickering at that point.

    In the evening, I came home and when I tried, the screen was black again (crap). I plugged the Treo in it's craddle and decided to turn it on and leave it. The treo shuts itself off after 2 to 3mn, so I had to constantly turn it on again. As it was heating up, the screen became brigther and brighter... until it became all normal again. I guess that the water evaporated.

    Phew ! Well, I wanted to share my experience, in case this happens to you, don't throw you Treo 600 against the wall right away, there's hope!
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    That was more arse then class my friend, donít bother buying any lotto tickets for the rest of the year because you have had your win.
    Welcome to Palmone, tomorrows bugs today!!!

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