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    I switched from a Samsung I500 to the Treo600. With the Samsung, if I connected to the web or e-mail, and went back to the phone mode but did not disconnect from PCS, the battery drained in a few hours. I got in the habbit of disconnecting as soon as I was done. Is the Treo the same? I notice the WebPro program doesn't even have a disconnect choice in the menu area. I have to shut the phone and then turn it back on (which seems to take about 45 seconds to actually turn off).

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    You can go into Prefs, Networking and manually disconnect from the internet. Saves resetting phone, well this I on the GSM version and I assume itís the same on the CDMA version.
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    Programs like Treo Connection Manager (search Palmgear) allow you to quickly disconnect as well, if you don't want to hunt through the preferences. If you buy it, you can have it disconnect for you after a certain amount of time, but if you don't register you can still you their "disconnect" button for free.

    Battery Doctor also can be set to automatically disconnect from the web after the screen is shut off.
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    I have tested the Treo 600 quite a bit and found battery drain to be the same whether I was "connected to the web" or not.

    approx 4 hours talk, or 4 hours web/internet, or any combo up to 4 hours (cdma)
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    On Sprint version 1.12 there is an option to disconnect when on Blazer, under Options. I noticed it when I received a refurb with 1.12 already on it. But after restoring my backup then it dissappears. If I hard reset it comes back. I'm assuming this happens because my backup overwrites it. It doesn't really matter to me since I notice it does disconnect me at some point when I'm not using data. The way I can tell is the arrows on top of the battery signal dissapears. And when I try to use Blazer, or Verichat, etc. again it says "connecting to PCS Vision". You shouldn't have to manually disconnect IMO.
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    The behavior on the samsung I500 is rather strange. It is as if it was continuing to communicate (send/receive) even when you are not browsing...weird. The treo uses the same power to browse the web (GPRS) than for voice (GSM). If no communication is done, it should not draw more power than needed to stay in stand-by mode.

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