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    I just changed my sick 600 for a new reconditioned unit with the insurance for $ 35.

    Now I was thinking of putting the 600 on ebay (it is a Sprint model).

    Versus trading up when the 650 comes out.

    The way I figure it is I can get some $ 400 to 500 for the new 600, whereas Sprint will only give me like $ 100 towards the 650.

    Am I thinking right? Am I heartless? Am I stupid? Brilliant? Did I give the idea away? I'm pretty sure I am in a position to renew for another 2 years in terms of my Sprint contract. I am very happy with Sprint.
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    IMO, just as soon as the 650 is being sold there will be a ton of 600's on eBay; especially if Palm1 doesn't give any type of discount for 600 owners. I'm nowhere near the 18 month upgrade, so I'll be putting mine on the market just as soon as I get a 650 in my hands (or a Daxian if it comes out first and isn't too big). Luckily I only paid $299 for my 600, so I can let it go real cheap when I do put it up on eBay.
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    My only fear with putting it on ebay now, is if Palm decides to do the serial number thing again, you'd be kind of out in the cold. Then again, you'd have some $400-500 dollars to apply towards the Ace, so out in the cold might be a good place to be. Personally, I'm going to take the risk because I don't have a back-up cell phone to use. Luckily my phone is only a couple months old (replaced by Sprint for free), so hopefully, I can use that as a selling point.
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    I am thinking of purchasing the Treo. I have no knowledge of them vs. other brands. Maybe this is the time for me to buy if everyone is selling out for the new model? Then I could "get to know" the Treo before jumping into the current, "big money" model! Any thoughts?
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    How can anyone expect to get $400-$500 for a used Treo 600 on ebay when you can get a brand new one for that price? IMO your only looking at $150 - $250 max.
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    I don't think 400-500, but I think you can get $300+ considering there is no contract and the price for a new one is with a contract (probably $600 without). I suppose it depends on the warranty and such. I still have some 9 months of warranty on mine, which should matter to the buyer. You also have to look at the feature set of the two phones. They both basically do the same things except bluetooth. The newer one does them faster, and flashier, but overall it seems as though it basically does all the same things. Is there a $400 difference between the two phones? Not to me. I'd say maybe a $200 max, unless they surprise by making wi-fi (or something else big) available (via card or whatnot) at launch.
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    Agreed, there will be an influx of T600's on Ebay anyway probably; rebate, serial number enticement or not. I just hope the new model will be within reason as price goes.

    I just can't imagine parting with mines until I have another, enhanced model in my hands. Cuz for me "A bird in the hand...."
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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    I've already started the fight with my carrier and P1 over my complaints on the misrepresentation of the Treo 600. I would ideally like to get a free upgrade - but if I do have to pay - anything more than $100 would really put me off. Yes, a better screen is nice, as is BT (the only really major enhancement) - but without some compelling new software, PTT, and or WiFi - I can't see paying more than that. If it's >$250 or so - I would have to take a hard look at moving platforms - even with the investment that I have in materials and software.
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    i'm thinking maybe i'll keep mine as a backup in case im ever in a pinch. value wont be there on resale and i've had no problems with my 600 to date
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    I suppose it's up to everyone, but I think even $150 is value on resale, though I expect double that.
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    I'll probably buy a 650 and try to trade my (Sprint) 600 for a GSM model (I have a Cing account as well) or sell the 600 and buy a used GSM 600.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kryichek
    How can anyone expect to get $400-$500 for a used Treo 600 on ebay when you can get a brand new one for that price? IMO your only looking at $150 - $250 max.
    I sold mine just under two months ago and got $890 (Australian) with a 256mb memory card, case and cradle. They sold new at the time for $980, its mad what people pay on ebay!

    Bloody expensive phone for what it was, and I still have never seen any mobile providers offering them here on contract??? there is a selection of PocketPC and MS Smartphone stuff but they don't seem to want to know Palm???

    Ohh BTW AUD$890 is US$620

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