HI all. I have a few questions and I will post them all in one thread. Anty responses will be greatly appreciated... OK, here goes
1) I have the I.Trek GPS with the Mapopolis map pack. First of all, the ITrek GPS mouse works great combined with the map packs. While driving let's say I need to make a phone call, how can I make a call without totally getting out fo the mapopolis program? The way I am doing it now is pressing the applications button and it asks me if I want to delete the map and I say NO. The I make a call and then start up mapopolis again and start the GPS and then Im on my way. Is there any way to make a call without exiting Mapopolis?

2) I downloaded the entire NY maps. So I have all the couties and placed them all on my SD Card. I am trying to enter a navigation and choose an address in Brooklyn as my start address and a place in Long Island in my end address... If I choose a Kings County (Brooklyn) map and find my starting address, I cant find the Long Island address cause I am viewing the Brooklyn map. Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help