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    What if you are having your ear bent by a longwinded caller? You want to get off the line but years of training to be polite makes you hang on in there and get more and more hopeless/angry. I have a suggested app for Treos...

    An application that plays a WAV file of crackling noise mixed in with your voice. Then it mutes the call and finally drops it. It then sends the inbound number to voicemail automatically for a fixed period of time. Now your sense of peace returns and no-ones feelings are hurt. You blame coverage when you next speak to the person.

    This is the counterfoil to other useful app which pretends to be an inbound phone call so you can pretend you need to leave a boring meeting.

    Any developer care to work on it?
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    I"ve seen something like this already developed.. I'll post if I find it again.. I'm sure someone else will be able to enlighten us though...
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    I know there is an app that will send calls automatically to vmail at given times. This is really useful for call screening bosses who dont get the borderlines of personal and work time.
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    Lightwav has coverup sounds that you can play at the touch of a button to do won't disconnect the phone but you can do that yourself. Haven't ever actually tried it but it's in the product.

    CallFilter has something similar, although I think it starts automatically when you pick up the call, rather than being able to determine when it should begin.
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    If you want to end the call you could always try saying.

    Look, I don’t want to be rude but your boring me so “insert appropriate word here" OFF

    Only kidding have a great day
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