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    One Button Record feature of SoundRec causes takephone to jump past the first View.

    I have Speed Dial and Call History in that order as the only screens in Takephones '"Phone" buttong loops through:' option.

    However after using the soundRec one button record (which uses press and hold phone button to perform) Takephone then launches, draws the Speed Dial screen and immediatly replaces it with the call history screen.

    Only a soft reset returns takephone to its former functionality

    TakephONE 6.00 build 12 (registered)
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    I have exactly the same problem. Hope it will be fixed in the next soundrec build.

    Maybe we should post it into the infinityball forum...
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    No resoponse from Either developer?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wasinaus
    No resoponse from Either developer?
    Hey gang - check the original TakePhone thread in these forums and search for "SoundRec" within that main thread and you will find the discussions on this topic. Now that you've read all of that....just click here

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