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    what is the best software out there to install on a treo 600 that allows you to take full advantage of the additional contact information that both outlook & lotus notes offer, including business & personal addresses, phone numbers, multiple email addresses, birthdays, etc. thanks in advance. i have no problem purchasing a program, i'm just not sure which one to go with and even which programs are out there.


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    "Key Contacts", which is part of the Chapura Key Suite v3.2 This is a no brainer after the recent updates which has made the Key Contact database sync with the Treo Caller ID, Call History and other internal functions. Previously you had to sync both Key Contacts and the internal address book to keep the functionality of Caller ID and Call history, but not so anymore.

    PS: My suggestion is applicable for syncing with MS Outlook, I am not sure about Lotus.
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    right - key suite only syncs with outlook. what about for lotus notes users?
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    Also useful is Beyond Contacts from Dataviz. It is as close a replica of Outlook on a PDA as I have seen yet. It even does a "Today" screen in the same fashion as Outlook. It also has the most extensive coverage of Outlook fields that I have seen.

    There are a number of people here who have used both Beyond Contacts "BC" and Key Contacts "KC". You would probably be well served checking out the details on both the Dataviz website as well as the Chapura website. Check out the screenshots for both. I think you will find more similarities in each program than anything else.

    Important elements to look for are coverage of fields and speed of syncronization. The issue of syncing the native Palm Contacts database has fortunately been resolved for both programs. If you are not familiar with this issue, both KC and BC use their own databases to store contact information. This is a negative if you have other applications that use the native Palm Contacts database for data. For example, the Phone application. However, both KC and BC now sync the native Palm Contacts database in addition to their own to make sure that no functionality is lost.

    You should also so a search on these forums for opinions on both BC and KC. Both have been extensively covered.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluehorizons
    right - key suite only syncs with outlook. what about for lotus notes users?
    I don't use Lotus Notes myself, but I do know that Verizon's Wireless Sync feature works with Lotus Notes. It works with Outlook as well.

    EDIT: Though I guess this would only be potentially helpful to Verizon Treo 600 owners.
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    I use mnotes for notes. I know others use Pylon and there are a couple of others. I'm not sure any of these sync outlook though. Maybe Intellisync?
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    Hmmm... This Key Suites you talk of... Will it Sync my 600 with my Outlook Express?

    Edit: I am with Sprint... If that matters.
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    I'm trialling Pylon which syncs with Lotus Notes, it's working well so far but it puts your email in the native Mail app. I can't see a way of getting it into Snappermail which I use, is there a way ? Or is there another app that lets you use snapper as teh default email app

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