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    It would be interesting to know how the Treo 600 sells in NY because they have legally mandated handsfree. I say this because it strips away all the European factors that are not BT related such as expensive costs, limited availability, poor marketting, etc. If it was truly just the BT handsfree, then NY sales would be terrible.

    I know the editor of (who lives in NYC, and generally very critical of any gadget) has listed the Treo 600 as the best smartphone.
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    Some items to mention regarding the 600 in the UK:

    1. As mentioned, only one carrier has it, Orange, and it has been pushed by them as a business phone and not been stocked in all their stores, only the business specialist ones. Additionally they have put no major marketing push behind it, possibly because they make better money on their own branded SPV smart phones, and SE with the P900 is an easier sell

    2. The UK passed a law last year to ban driving without headsets and there is a fine. Since then there has been an explosion in bluetooth headset. I would suggest that this did have a large impact, but not as large as the lack of push from Orange.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    I've heard the prices of the Treos in Europe are hundreds more than in the US. I don't know exchange rates and all that, but if that's true, it's probably a big deal.
    Up until a couple a weeks ago the Treo cost over a $1000 (799 Eur.) on p1's website. Right now it's $882 (699 Eur.).

    Honestly, how many people here would shell out that kind of money for the 600?
    I didn't even though I could afford it: it's just way too much money given the limited features (lowres screen, no BT, no WiFi, no push e-mail). For that money I want it all (e.g. Benq).

    Having said that, I *will* get the 650 even though it will cost me +$1000; the 650 is simply the best poor p1 can do right now and I don't want to wait another year.
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    In the Netherlands KPN sells the Treo 600 with several plans including a 10 or 25 MB databundel and prices are dropping. With a 2 year plan and a 10 MB databundel the Treo 600 itself is sold under Ä 80,-. Normally you can unlock a phone after a year without extra costs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeldomVisitor
    Because it doesn't exist.
    Hey Seldom, did you get a free wax job with that brain wash?
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    You realize that you're making fun of a still-accurate post from a month and half ago, right?
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    SV your about as "still-accurate" as the Red Sox is not going to the World Series. Your such a flake. How on earth can you still stay the damn thing does not still exist.
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