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    I've heard variations on which smtp to use for sending email through TMobile, tmomail, etc. and spent considerable time with their support people, who eventually took me to Handspring.

    Its now been more than 90 days since I couldn't quit my job to learn how to send email, but someone must have this problem as well. My boss, who also has the Treo 600 with TMobile, also can't send email so I don't think it is specific to my email server as we use very different email systems.

    Also, another reason I stopped doing email on the Treo is because of the crashes (at least 2 a week, always when accessing email). Anyone else have that problem? As soon as I stopped doing email I've had not a single crash since.

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    SnapperMail, AgendusMail, ChatterEmail. Try one. I use Snapper with T-Mo, and use the same pop and smtp accounts I use from my computer.
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    I think the problem isn't the email program I use, it's the smtp setting you enter for outgoing email. Eudora receives email fine on the TMobile Treo, but when I go to send it crashes.

    I've heard tmomail and tried a few variations, but nothing yet.

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    What settings are you using? Maybe it's your smtp server that doesn't allow relaying. T-Mo allows relaying, and so does my ip (Comcast), so I use Comcast as my smtp server.
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    I dont know if it it feasable for you, but if you have web access on your phone, sign up for a Yahoo web based email account or MSN mobile and get hotmail.

    both free

    You type right on the web pages... and click send

    Down side is you don't get to use your company email name... although you could make the email address

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