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    I think the reset happens when your ringtones are stored in the SD card. I've had lightwav for quite some time and never had freezes, resets when my ringers were in RAM, until I purchased an SD card and installed some mp3s on it as ringers using ptunes. I will revert back to internal ram and see what happens.
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    I couldn't live without CallFilter 1.2 and prefer it Lightwav, which I found buggy. But Toysoft doesn't deserve the bloody nose it's receiving in this thread. There are great Toysoft programs, such as myWorkbench and Media Manager, which may even be "must have" utils. mySchedule NFL is cool if you're into that kind of thing. I understand that people prefer CallFilter to Lightwav. But that doesn't make Toysoft a bad company or anyone entitled to their money back! Crazy.

    Frequently betas circulate in discussion forums that are not really ready for mass market release. People who want features right away are willing to sacrifice stability to get their hands on apps right away. The resulting dialogue between the user and developer is one of the things that makes discussion forums so much fun. It seems like this thread isn't consistant with that spirit.

    Just my 02
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    I had problems with Lightwav causing instability during the demo, and generally all around just not working, and so deleted it. I had problems with Callfilter too, but it at least *tried* to play the mp3s and the tech help with callfilter is top notch so I can't fault them but so much Phone Technician worked pretty good for me, but I let the demo expire anyhow.
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    I briefly used LightWave and did have issues and decided to try out Callfilter and so far have been very happy with my purchase. I personally have purchased a handful of programs that over time or shortly after their usage I found a BETTER tool or a more stable tool that came out. I have never asked for a refund for those programs that I stopped using since I know if I really want the program and want to own it after it's trial period and if it is still buggy then that is a decision that I am making in keeping it. I personally have not had too much interactions with Toysoft but the few times I did they were not too responsive, At least it was not any major issues. I am sure they were busy and my questions were not that high on the list. But I do test a lot of beta programs and usually buy the ones that I feel are stable enough for daily usage and if they are not stable, I DO NOT BUY THEM!! I WAIT till either the bugs have been taken care of or the features that make the program useful for ME.

    Enough said....
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