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    Quote Originally Posted by tymerock
    I guess I would be part of the minority majority too, then. I used Lightwav with a host of other apps to get a perfect out come. Lightwav is very buggy, if you/toysoft chose to look the other way than that would explain why so many of Lightwav customers left of better. I use CallShield. Not mRing and Lightwav. I needed mrings just make Lightwav work the way it should when handling calls. The best thing Lightwav have going on for itself is the fact that it can store mp3 on in the ram. Thatís the only reason I used it. Lightwav, when I had it, would play the mp3 and the ringertone at the same time for a caller that selected an mp3 for. I know some of you are going to say why did you not make you default ringer silent, and the answer is I donít want to miss a call for those I did not use with Lightwav. Lightwav should have silent the ringertone for the caller I selected the mp3 for. So as far as me, Lightwav have some growing up to still do.

    One more thing, No one should have to have other programs help an app perform.
    LightWAV has grown up!
    You can now select a Midi file for the contacts you DON'T want to use MP3s for..........
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    What do you mean you didn't want to miss a call for those you did not use Lightwav? I have one main ringer for everyone who calls. I have different pictures for people, but just use a standard mp3 ringer. If I would change the ringer for a different person and they called, their ringer would ring. If it was anyone else then the normal ringer woudl ring. You still have to have the ringer from the phone silent. Smiley is this info correct?

    I too must be in the minority of people who don't have any problems. I'm sure some of the people complaining just don't know what they are buying or how to use it. I would suggest that you actually read the manual, but I never did.
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    Well, first of all, I should not have to set the phone ringertone on silent for Lightwav to work. This is a minor issue that it has/had. Once again the only thing that is has going for it is the wave/mp3 install in the ram. I paid for Lightwav and I will say the hell I feel like saying about its performance that I had with it.

    And YES, you are part of the minority.

    Thank you,

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    Here's some cheese for ya.

    Oh and since you have the official count as to which side is the minority, what is the current count of people who have purchased this software vs the amount of people who have no problems with it?
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    Here is a HotDog for you. That don't mean that everyone who owns Lightwav is happy with it.
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    See attached link for POLL where you can vote on your experience with Lightwav.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tymerock
    Here is a HotDog for you. That don't mean that everyone who owns Lightwav is happy with it.
    Shouldn't it be a brat instead of a hot dog?

    Go GIANTS!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alli
    I get really annoyed when people make blanket statements about products that I like, be it Toysoft or Toyota. The people with the problems are the ones you hear from: they are in the minority. I'm sorry you are disappointed that many of us do not encounter problems with a product that gives you fits. If you do read the forums, you'll see that not every product can work for every person. There are plenty that lock my treo up...the difference is, I don't post that the product is crap. It just doesn't work for me. Get over it.
    First of all I'd hardly say "many" infact the opposite is probably true and I don't recall reading any threads including any I wrote in, where the product was called "crap" infact I recall describing it as having a lot of potential, however the progy is VERY buggy at best and my biggest complaint was I didn't think it should have been released so soon, so buggy and in my opinion it still shouldn't have been released. Oh, and I'll get over it when I think I've gotten my money's worth.
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    Perhaps it is Lightwav that is locking up your Treo.....
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    I just dont get some of you people! OK, its a given that the majority of folks who DONT experience any problems will NOT start testimonials about it....that is until ONE person speaks/post on THEIR OWN PERSONAL BAD EXPERIENCE!

    For all those that chose to jump in the behind of the original poster, maybe you're just one of the fortunate ones that has NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER had a problem. But for those that have, they have just as much right to complain about it as you have to preach the wonderful merits of it!

    And lets not leave out the number of you who go crazy when someone has a negative comment about an app YOU particulary like. By the time all is said and done, some of ya'll (and you know who you are) will make a person feel like they have committed a major felony.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Further to my last post, the reason I'm so hard on this software is not only because its so buggy but I think its irresponsable to release software that is so "INTRUSIVE" (for lack of a better word) along with being buggy. If its just some silly game and crashes once in a while at play, who cares really, but when its software that takes over your phone's answering ability, well hell, you better get it right or at least close to it. I bought this phone for convenience but if I were using it for business and was going through the nonsense I was when I had lightwav installed I'd be a lot more pissed.
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    Well I have to say that I loved lightwav but I just deleted it today because of the restting problem. Ever since I deleted it has not reset not even once. Before deleting it used to reset about 5 times a day. I think that when ever toysoft fixes the bugs it will be the best but for now its kool but it sucks at the same time. Now i just need an app that will let me use mp3s ans wma as ringers...
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    I never pruchased it, tried the demo versions as new ones came out, and always took it off within 1-2 days due to its instability, I DID REPORT BUGS, never got much help they just kept putting more features in (which is good) but as not EVERYONE gets the reset bugs it is I guess not necessary to address???
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    Yes it should, LOL

    Thank you very much. See you on the otherside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjennings
    Let's be reasonable here. I had 7 months of FRUSTRATIONS while using Lightwav. Nothing but soft resets and missed calls and unmounted cards. I posted my feedback in the forums where many other users complained of similar problems. Now, Toysoft have released version 3.0 and added new features, but still have not addressed all the bugs. I gave up.

    Yes I think I am entitled to a refund as the software never consistenly performed without bugs.
    you could have used the trial version you know. don't whine. next time - try before you buy.

    that being said, i uninstalled it due to reset problems. i enjoy midi ringtones and non-missed calls
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    Just get callfilter.. you can do the same thing as lightwav and it doesn not have bugs like lightwav. I installed it today and my treo has not reset no even once since installed. unlike with lightwav it was resettting like 5 times a day.. Callfilter is the one you need..
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    Right now the two best ringer managers out there are CallShield & Callfilter. I prefer CallShield the next release will support wave files also and more surprises to come that will knock your socks off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tymerock
    Right now the two best ringer managers out there are CallShield & Callfilter. I prefer CallShield the next release will support wave files also and more surprises to come that will knock your socks off.
    What more surprises that will knock our socks off?
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    It is will be a whole new ball game. Thats all i can say for now, but i will let you know more very soon, when i can. This is not a tease. I will check with Mantra tomarrow and post back.
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    i have lightwav for few months and i have not needed a hardrest bc of the lightwav. i wonder why you have problems. oh well. that is the demo version there for.. i have not heard that people could get refund after used a software for more than 1 day. they could get the exchange for other program, not the refund.
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