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    One dealer:

    Anyone else think this might grab much of the non treo-loyalist share of the market? I have a hard time believing its release timing is coinsidence...
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    I didn't see anything in the way of what OS it is or if it has access to Web or IM. Then again I had trouble comparing the specs as they seemed kind of haphazardly placed. Does it have a touch screen? Are there better pictures? I don't know who would buy this device based on this advertisement of it.
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    Terrible design.
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    I don't like the keyboard swing out thing. It does not work for me.
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    It runs Microsoft's Smartphone OS. So no touchscreen, but there's a growing library of apps and they're all optimized for use with a D-Pad, numeric keypad, and the two left/right buttons below the screen.

    I actually think that this is a pretty interesting design, but I'd have to try out the thumbboard first-hand. I'd be concerned that the hinge would give while I was typing with it and that it would feel top-heavy.

    I also personally want a camera in my cellphone.

    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    This thing is as attractive and as graceful as an ostrich.
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    wow, it never ceases to amaze which designs somehow manage to escape engineering and make it to release.
    Off to iPhone land...
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    sorry, but this thing is FUGLY!
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    Will this work on Sprint?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dean2526
    Will this work on Sprint?
    No, it only works on GSM networks (AT&T, Cingular, T-Mobile, ...)
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    wow, wonder if I could set that to "kill". . .
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    I had a nightmare I was eaten by a phone.
    Every pixel a picasso
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    Besides all the cons listed above, this phone is BIG. Although it is slightly narrower than the 600, it is almost an inch longer. The qwerty keyboard keys appear to be flat, meaning hard to push without mistakes. Plus, it only has a 176 x 220 display. Also, no Bluetooth. The 650 will blow this out of the water.
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    It looks like crap. Was the guy who designed it on drugs or did someone rock his cradle too hard as a kid?
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    I think it looks kind of interesting. I'd be concerned about the keyboard "giving way" while typing tho...
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    the voq will last about as long as the length of time an arrow spends in the air after being fired. ugly design. flimsy keyboard. bulky. not sleek in any way. will disappear relatively quickly.

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