In trying to prepare for an overseas trip, I attempted to use HotSync/Chapura to image my Sprint T600's innards onto the GSM T600 that I'm taking with me. In the noodling - which was finally accomplished (with the help of Botzam backup) - I changed/changed-back the user name in HotSync: Ever since, my sync errors out with the note in the log that "an application on the PC failed to respond to a confirmation query".

In fact, even after reboots of both devices, very little happens upon a HotSync - they negotiate for several seconds, then exit. Usually the successful action takes a few minutes due to Doc's to Go, AvantGo, etc.

'Any thoughts as to how to un-futz my link? I will try a fresh install on another PC to see if it works at all there, meanwhile.... THX, all!