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    Hi all, just bought POCKET-DVD but does anyone know why mine only encodes about 20mb worth of film then stops meaning I have to start another file over and over again so i would have say 5/6 avi files per DVD? Is there a setting to turn this off so I only have one avi file per DVD? This would mean I could start the DVD and then toddle off for a couple of hours while it records
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    click on 'settings' 'advanced output setting'. in the lower area you can choice if files should be splitted after a certain amont of megs. maybe here you have 20mb? if yes, switch to 500mb and relax
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    Thanks matti, if memory serves me right I am sure it is set at 500mb - maybe if I reapply this setting it may work!
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    Did you enter your registration code into the program? I know it sounds obvious, but if you don't enter the code, it will break the file up into several pieces.
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    Hi Nighthawk 700,

    I have a fully registered POCKETDVD as far as I know - and the split output size is set at 500mb but it is still splitting the file - have I regiestered correctly?

    I have email PQDVD but haven't received a reponse -anyone had similar problems?
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    Hey theroobs, if you go to the "About" screen, does it say "Registered" at the bottom left corner of the window? Maybe you forgot to click on the "Activate Product" button?
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    If you've registered correctly, it should say "Registered" on the bottom left of the registration window, right above "Support:".
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    Resolution wise....the only option with 160 is this right? How come it's not 160 x 160?
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    160x160 would record the top and bottom black bar which isnt necessary and will take up more memery to record. If it only recorded where the video meets the black bars top to bottom then it would have to cut off a lot off the sides of the movie.

    I think I just confused myself =-\

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