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    Is there any difference in the two? Let's say I Hotsynced to my PC, then performed a backup (Backupbuddy) to an SD card and then did a hard reset on my Treo. Now, would the "Restore" function of Backup Buddy or simply Hotsyncing again produce the same result?
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    there can be with specific settings in the programs.

    But the main reason to use an SD card backup is that if your phone eats it on the road it's a 2min fix without needing acess to anything else.
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    Yep Tekara is right about that. For the most part though, after a restore is done with the SD card of via hot sync, your screen will have to be recalibrated for the stylus and contrast. Ben
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    I find I get a more complete restore from BackupMan than from hotsync - preferences and the like don't restore completely from hotsync.

    If you use something like Backup Buddy to improve your hotsync, that shouldn't be a problem.
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    So I think I'm learning something can use something like "BackupMan" as your PC HotSync instead of the default PalmOne HotSync program? Advantages of that would be??
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    No......Hotsync lets you install and lets you type long addresses and memos in on your PC ......

    Backupman is a backup for recovery .....when at home it gives you another option for attempting a restore....

    When on the road (away from PC) it provides a lifeline for recovering...

    Having said that......getting rid of software that causes resets is a far better long term solution.
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    okay thanks for the info. Seems to me that if you Hot Sync and have a backup program on an SD card your're covered. Another backup program on my PC seems like overkill.

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