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    Sprint is now offering an extra $30 off the Treo 600 when you buy on the web. Is this a signal? Are they trying to lighten their inventory?
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    One can only hope
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    It might be to compete with AT&T and Cingular or it might be to "dump" the old Treo 600, before the arrival of the 650. I already know what theory the public in this forum prefers
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    All the Sprint phones (except the cheap Nokia) are an extra $30 off when you buy on the web. It's not specific to the Treo.
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    Down under in Australia, there has been a drop recently in Treo
    prices also. Previously retailed at over $A1000, now can be purchased
    for $A825. This is quite a fall in price and i wonder if retailers are trying to
    clear their stock in anticipation of the new Ace?!!
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    I doubt the $30 is any kind of signal or dumping of inventory. It's barely a drop int he bucket of where the price needs to go if it's to be the new "low end" of the Treo family.
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    While chattting about Sprint, Is the new ACE gonna sport the same color scheme at the 600?. I hope so.....I hate gray phones!!!

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