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    Does anyone else have this problem? It is very annoying to have about ten specs of dust inside the top of the screen. I was very careful with a screen protector and all. Does this constitute me being able to get a new (refurb) unit?
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    Yup, and the original thread can be found HERE.

    I have it too, it's rather depressing. Hopefully they will fix this problem on the 650.

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    Very Annoying. I called Palm One and they sent me out a new one under warranty, no questions asked.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r&t@mp
    Very Annoying. I called Palm One and they sent me out a new one under warranty, no questions asked.
    Do you have the number to call. I checked the web site, but couldn't get a number to palm one.
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    I have this problem too along with the bright spot. I have no other problems so I was reluctant to trade it in. Walked into Sprint store today. Showed the guy my two specks and bright spot, told him I'm under warranty (as is everyone still since it was 1 year and they haven't been around a year just yet), and he filled out a sheet of paper, got on his computer and I will have a replacement on Monday at no charge. Those who have paid the equipment replacement fee shouldn't have to because it is a defective product. If you're considering doing this, do it before your warranty is up. The guy gave me no grief whatsoever. Best Sprint experience I've had so far. Hopefully the replacement will be new or at least defect free.
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    I have dust in my screen. It started about a month or so ago and has been getting worse. I wasn't going to do anything about it - figuring it was not worth the hassle. I should have stuck with my instincts.

    After reading this thread I relented and called PalmOne customer support (PalmOne Contacts for anyone interested in calling). Not only did they ask questions (did I drop the phone? did it come with dust in the screen? does the screen work?), they flat out refused to replace it under warranty. The first rep I spoke with claimed, in heavily accented English, that he had never heard of the issue. I asked for a manager and she claimed, also in accented English, that it was not a hardware issue since there was no dust in the screen when I received it and the phone is functional. She called it a customer care issue. Sorry for the rant - it is not my style but my first experience with PalmOne customer service has put me in a foul mood. I hope others have better luck.
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