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    SEIDIO is introducing the Stereo Audio Adapter which converts a 2.5mm headset jack to 3.5mm.

    The Stereo Audio Adapter cable is approximately 4cm long and comes with a standard 3.5mm plug allowing you to directly plug it into any stereo device with a standard audio jack.

    You can connect the adapter to your PC or any stereo device with the Seidio 2-in-1 headset. It can also work with GPRS phones.

    The Stereo Audio Adapter makes it easy and convenient for you without the hassle of buying two headsets.

    For more information about this product, please visit:
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    so tell me Seidio man how this is different from the ones available at Radio Shack? Better? Same? clue me in...
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    nrosser : this is just a basical adaptor so all adaptors like this one are equal

    just note that this one is a 2.5 female => 3.5 male so you can connect a headset maid for the Treo 600 to another device like a cd player or anything you want

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