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    i was wondering, does anyone have an idea as to how many treo 600s there are out there? I go to a fairly large university in the states, and no one knows what a treo is(until i show them and then they are wowed). so how many treos are there? i wish i knew more people so my treo had friends to play with.
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    Though they have an excellent idea what it is and use it for their internal financial predictions, PalmOne doesn't reveal what you want to know - the number of TREOs sold to end-customers (aka "sell-through").
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    not surprised to not see many in a university town (these things are expensive)

    I've been surprised to see how many I've seen (espescially in europe where they go for upwards of $800 depending on your carrier

    I fly a lot and over the past 3 months have seen quite a few passengers with them. Also while I was in London in June I noticed a few graphite GSM units (Orange). I would guess I probably had one of the only silver Treos in England)

    The point I'm making is that you see them primarily in two market groups, business people and geeks
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    I have only seen one other in my life. . . it was owened by a lady up in the financial office.
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    I live in Delaware, And Supprisingly I've seen 2 in the past week. I work In philly and have seen 2 or three of them there. I just changed to a new case, that actually shows the phone, so now I am answering a LOT of questions about the phone. Maybe I'll go back to my old case which hides the phone
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    I would guess 500,000 (including international sales).
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    Some would say too many and some would say not enough!

    I have seen forty seven on them in the one place at the one time, which was my office floor before issuing them to our techs.

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