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    pretty stuck here don't know much on the WMA and MP3 deal but everytime i try to download a WMA music file it won't work on my pocket tunes,i can only download MP3..why is this? undefined
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    The latest version of Pocket Tunes should play WMA files.
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    MVT's right - but you'll need to purchase the deluxe version of Pocket Tunes 3.0 for the WMA support. If not you'll need to find a WMA to MP3 converter or alternatively download/rip only MP3's - they will play natively on the standard version of PTunes.
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    Where are you downloading WMA files from, because another possibility is that the file contains copy protection, which Pocket Tunes doesn't support playing yet.

    There is a good knowledge base available for Pocket Tunes, which might have useful information for you.
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    thanx everyone...
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    Also check out

    The link is to InterVideo's codecs for MP3 and DVD. Enables Microsft's Media Player to play all DVD formats and to encode to MP3 format; all for $20 US.

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