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    I'm looking for an email app for my treo 600 that will sync with all my outlook folders, and maybe sync the most recent mail (say within 10 days) are there any programs that will do that? I also wouldn't mind if it checked email in the background as well, but that isn't a necessity

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    If your server does IMAP, check out Chatter Email. If it does IMAP and supports the IDLE command, it will do real push.

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    If you have IMAP, Chatter is it. Support is great and the program is fanstastic.
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    I don't have imap set up, I just want to sync my downloaded mail
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    You can also check out DataViz. They make Inbox to Go Wireless. I've used the (non-wireless) version which syncs in the hotsync but not the wireless version. DataViz products are designed to integrate seamlessly with Outlook. I use Beyond Contacts which is basically outlook for your Treo and Inbox to Go is the outlook mail portion.

    I however, use snapper mail and Chatter mail. Snapper is not very good for synching folders with a large number of mail items yet in IMAP, I understand they're working on fixing that. POP doesn't have the same problem, POP is super quick even with a full box and they've managed to simulate synching on POP.

    I'd say at least give Inbox to Go wirless a shot and see if it works (free trial?)

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