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    Okay Gang-

    Everything was bliss for a month. Now, whenever I use Agendus (newest version), I get a lot of soft resets. It's not one particular action which leads to the soft reset. I've added no new programs (you can see what's on my Treo below). The only new stuff I've entered are entries in Agendus (dates, contacts, etc)

    Here's my questions- I'm assuming I've got a corrupted file.

    (1) Is there a systematic (easy to follow) way to find out where the dirty file is? If so, please explain it for a simpleton like me.

    (2) Is there a program which manages your programs to prevent this kind of conflict? If so, please let me know.

    Thanks Brothers and Sisters.

    CoolCp's Simple Treo Contents Which All of the Sudden Don't Get Along

    20,000 Leagues Under (goes with book reader)
    Agendus Pro
    Black Jack
    Chess to Go
    Chess to Go DB
    CSpotRun (book reader- goes with 20,000 Leagues)
    Secret_Adversary_D(goes with book reader above)
    Sheet to Go
    SMS Messages
    System Ring Tones
    Web Cookies
    Word to Go
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    By latest version, do you mean 8.0? I was using 7.06 and was getting 6-10 soft resets per day after getting a new unit to fix the battery/no service problem. I updraded to 8.0x two days ago and haven't had a soft reset since
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    I don't really have a systematic way, but if you just installed Agendus I would try deleting it, and deleting any file associated with it. Then do a soft reset, hotsync, then soft reset again. Then try reinstalling Agendus. Consider redownloading the program as well, incase it got corrupted during transfer.

    I have run into problems where the file gets corrupted some how during installation. For some reason, the above system seemed to work. The difficult thing is making sure every last little database file associated with the program gets deleted, which is where a program like Uninstall Manager or Neatfreak helps.

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