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    I just got this texted to me from Unknown:

    "Get a FREE PCS servie update by dialing *2 on your PCS Phone today. The update occurs while you listen to a brief message. Once completed, hang up!"

    I not aware of any updates and this sure sounds strange to me anyone know anything about this?

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    It's a PRL update. (preferred roaming list) Do a search for more info on PRL's if you wish. I'm not sure why Sprint sends that notification to some people and not others as I've never gotten one. I think the most current PRL for Sprint users is 10024. You find out what version you're on by going into the "phone info" menu from within the phone app.
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    Thanks, I'm already updated to the latest PRL. The strange thing is I've had the Treo since the first 300 came out but this is the first time I've received an SMS about an update.


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