Got this Treo in May, and like many had so many crashes trying to use email I just stopped usign email all together.

I have used Palm software for my desktop for awhile after I stopped using the old Palm and just as of the last month or two, my alarm dialogs show up as nice quiet dialogs on my screen, and LOUD VIBRATING alarms on my phone that have woken me in the middle of the night numerous times.

I have tried to go through, month by month and make sure all alarms are set for daytimes, even though it's annoying when I'm at the computer to get two different alarms. I really don't need alarms at all on the handheld and would love to shut that off. Anyone know how?

Secondly, just shutting the alarm vibrate thing on the phone would be a godsend. I went into the application launcher preferences thing and it just allows you to select different sounds, but doesn't seem to have a "none" setting on any levels of preferences.

Any suggestions? I came this close to ripping out my SIM card and flinging this thing out the window of my high-rise at 400am this morning. Thank God I have screens.