I have a Sprint Treo 600 and use SnapperMail to access my corporate email (GroupWise) with a POP3 account. Works great, except no matter what I do, I cannot delete any mail form the home server. I have tried every option, and when I use the "Junk" command, and reconnect to the server, it says it's deleting the messages, but they are still on my PC-based account, and when I re-fetch my mail on the Treo, the messages get re-retrieved! At least when i just trash them and empty the trash, they don't come back to the handheld, but they remain on the server.
This doesn't seem isolated to Snapper - I had the same issue with the PalmOne client, and I am not sure it is limited to my GroupWise server, since I have the same problem with my Sprint email account. Can anyone shed some light?