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    Yes but it could be better. I'm on AT&T and the Treo is not EDGE capable so I can't play shoutcast and surfing the web is painfully slow. I would definitely by the Treo 650 (and not tell the spouse) if it is EDGE ready! Also the camera really does suck. My Samsung camera was light years ahead of this. Its about as good as my add on camera for my old T68i!
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    Quote Originally Posted by chadtreo
    ...(and not tell the spouse)...
    (I'm so glad my wife is sleep, and not awake hearing me laugh as loud as I am right now!! )
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    cleveland... think we'll see 700 this weekend? I've got tix for Friday and Sunday. Was there for 500, 600, 661 and now hopefully... 700. Talk about history!

    Sorry. Hope I didn't derail the thread too much ;-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by acourvil
    Everything but bluetooth to allow easy hands free use in the car or as a backup internet connection for my laptop.
    Get a USB Sync/charger cable and then load up PDANet on your laptop. That's your backup internet connection. Man, I love that app!!

    Of course, if you don't have an unlimited data plan then you may not want to attempt
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    No, because it can't make a f*cking phone call in humid conditions without making a buzz
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    Quote Originally Posted by thoroughbred
    It does almost everything I want it to. The only thing missing is a voice recorder. My Kyocera 6035 did that. And I wish the capability was here (as it is for other phones) to get TV. And is there a keyboard like for the PalmIII and PalmV? (I haven't seen it if there is).

    Other than that, it does everything. I jot notes, edit documents, balance my checkbook, do my job, take pictures when I don't have my digital with me and it's well-lit, read books, check email, pay bills, monitor my websites, read books, listen to music, monitor my diet, keep a journal, carry my Bible, pay down my debt -- I could go on and on. There's very little it doesn't do that I need it to, and I imagine it does some of what I find lacking.

    Given that, it's worth every obscenely expensive penny I paid for it.
    theres a voice recorder APP, called soundrec i believe, and there is a portable keyboard like 99 bucks on the palm store but you can findit on ebay for much less. i use mine to take notes at school.
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