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    I noticed that is running a special on the Belkin FM Transmitter for $24.99 today w/ free shipping. Does anyone have experience with this unit and the Treo 600? Is it compatible? Is it difficult to install?

    I am looking for a convenient way to listen to my books while traveling in the car. I am hoping this is it.

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    Just ordered one. Thanks for the tip.
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    I tried another Belkin model purchased -- and returned 3 days later -- at Best Buy for about the same price. My understanding is the only difference between the models is that this one includes an lcd screen. I wasn't really happy with the sound. It worked OK sometimes, but I had a good amount of static. It's supposed to be able to transmit 10-30 feet, but I found it had trouble reaching the car antenna. I had to position the treo and transmitter on the arm rest to get the best reception, which obviously isn't the most secure spot. I was in a rental car when I tried it, so maybe a better radio would help. It's OK for the price, but I would be willing to spend more to get a better product.
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    Did it allow you to plug the transmitter directly into the Treo or did you have to buy an adapter?
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    Can you let me know if you are able to use the unit received? My unit says it is for Ipods and the connector is not compatible with the Treo 600. thanks...
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    The only adapter I needed was the $5.95 one required because of the Treo's smaller headphone plug. Nothing else was required.

    I just think it wasn't powerful enough to broadvast a good signal to the radio antenna. This might not be a problem if you're looking to use it in a home rather than a car.
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    I got one, and the quality is fantastic if you broadcast on a static-only channel.

    The difference between the $20 and $50 models is that the $50 model has an LCD panel, lets you choose any FM frequency, has 4 memories for broadcast frequencies, and comes with a car power adapter. Plus, word on the street has it the $50 model's sound quality is much better. If I put mine within a foot or so of my radio alarm clock, I can hear the mp3's very clearly, in spite of the radio being tuned to a bonafide radio station.

    The only problem with it is that it doesn't have the right impedance to let Treo output sound to it, so you have to plug the Belkin and a pair of headphones into a 3.5mm Y-jack, then plug that into a 3.5mm to 2.5mm converter, and plug that into the Treo. People have replaced the Y-jack and headphones with a inline volume control for headphones from Radio Shack, and if you turn the volume to 75%, it approximates the proper impedance, so it fools the Treo. I haven't tried this just yet, but will soon, and I'm expecting it'll work.
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    Where did you purchase the 3.5mm Y-jack? This appears to be what I am missing to use an FM Transmitter.
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    Best Buy, just because I bought the Belkin transmitter from them, and I was in their parking lot trying to get it to work when I realized that a y-adapter would be a quick and easy fix (I was about to embark on a couple of hour drive and really wanted the thing to work).

    Anyway, I went to Radio Shack yesterday and got the inline headset volume controller, and it works great. Replaced the y-adapter and the extraneous headset. It costs $7 and it has a volume wheel on it that if I put at its high end, pretty good sound comes out of my radio.

    As far as radio stations go, I stepped through by 0.1 MHz through the entire FM spectrum using my radio, and found one that was pure static, and whose closest working neighbor was .3 MHz in either direction, and it works great. I have a couple of other pure static stations as backups, with only .2 MHz padding, but sometimes I get slight interference using them.

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