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    I was wondering if anyone knows of any software that when my palm crashes it tells me what app made it crashed? I have a treo 600 and it keeps on soft resetting and I have no idea on whats causing it? I heard of a software called ( stability test ) but it does not tell you what makes it crash.
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    Just dial #*377 on the phone. (Is it ## 377 on CDMA?)
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    I tried that and it told me this...
    a reset was caused on 9/13/04 at 11:40 while running "phone"

    line;438, line 1010
    exception at address 10aa555c

    does anyone know what this is? My treo 600 has been crashing like crazy lately. I can't figure it out. I have deleted the recent software installed and still nothing..
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    Just in case someone else was looking for this type of software. I found it and its called ( CRASH PRO ).
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    Assume you added something like Butler or TreoTools or a ringtone manager that is interfering with the built in phone app.

    Phone is the built-in application but it has an open API for developers to hack into. You cannot blame the built-in phone app for the crash until you remove all the tricked-out apps (rarely: and also ensure your contact databases are uncorrupted.)
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    I use lightwav and pocket tunes.. I deleted ptunes and nothing and then I deleted lightwav and nothing.. those are the only ones.. I installed Crashpro and I get this message after it crashes... Crash was caused by error "emul68kmain.c, line:403, illegal instruction 000e at address 103d2b2e" while running "phone 1.0" ????? I have a treo 600 and it keeps on crashing about 4 to 5 times a day. Is there anywhere I can info on this? This is making me go nuts
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    how do I ensure that my contact databases are uncorrupted? also how can I disable apps to see whats causing the problem?

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