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    In the past week my battery has been dying at an insane rate. I used to go 3 days before charging and that is with a lot of use. I use it the same amount and now I need to charge it twice a day. Got the phone in March of this year. I'm taking it to a tech. at a Sprint store so they can get me a new one under warrenty. The only thing I can think of that ruined my phone was the damn usb retractible cable I bought from here. After I used that a few times my phone went to shi%. I'd view the battery meter power and it would stay on the same % and I'd have to reset it to make it go to where it really is. I'd say 75% but really it was more like 25%. Rediculous!!
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    Got mine too in March and am having the same battery problems with the recharging more than once a day. I have used a USB/recharge cable since day one and this problem just started... Maybe there's an underlying problem with the battery....

    Why oh why can't companies just use customer replaceable batteries... I'll never understand.
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    I have too had this problem. First treo was great right upto the moment it developed the network search problem.

    Second one (refurbished) had soso battery life (and a flaky display).

    Third one also has lousy battery life and is an older serial number than number 2. I'm beginning to think that refurbs are not getting new batteries.

    Sprint store agreed to look at it to see if my settings were wrong (LOL like that makes a diff)

    In reality batteries go bad and I think we're going to be in the same place as iPod owners when these things get a year and a half old.

    As for me, back to Sprint, but unless they give me a brand new one, I'll keep this one and get a replacement battery from PDA Parts when it gets too bad

    Just my $.02

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