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    Hi there,

    Given the amazing storage with SD cards these days (ie, 1 gb), this naturally brings comparison with desktop computers of the past, eg, our first computer was a 286 which had a 20 mb drive! We then got a 200 mb drive with a 386! It is amazing to think that the Treo actually has much greater storage capacity.

    However, what about processor speed? What is a treo equivalent to? I realize you can simply compare megahertz, but this is likely to be pretty meaningless given the different architectures. Of course, because of this, it is difficult to make direct comparisons. However, does anyone have any idea what sort of ball park the Treo would be in, eg, 386? 486? Pentium?

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    Aw come on, guys and gals! Surely someone would have an idea about this. Wouldn't other people be interested as well, just from a conversation point of view, ie, you can tell people how much technology has advanced...
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    Well, the Dragonball VZ (Treo 300 class) is a 32 bit CPU so I'd guess the 600 is 32 bit as well. The old VZ ran at 33 or 66 MHz. It clocked at 5.4 MIPS at 33 MHz. Given the 144 MHz of the new CPU I'd say that puts it in the same league as a 386 machine. My guess is that the size and power requirements for a mobile CPU would outweigh speed in terms of design criteria.
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    Given the speed at which it renders jpegs, it's easily on par with an original pentium or the powerpc601 100MHz that I had in my powermac. I think the ARM chip is probably faster per MHz than the dragonball was.
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    I've been wondering for a long time about the speeds also. I am sorely disappointed with the Internet speed on my Treo 300. I would have upgraded to the 600 a long time ago, but I had no clue if my surfing speed would be any quicker.

    Other than that, I am satisfied with my 300. The main reason I bought the Treo in the first place was to have a PDA/phone. Internet/email use was just a bonus, but it is so agnonizingly slow, I very rarely use it. It did come in very handy when we were moving though -- getting email before we were moved in and had our PC was unpacked was wonderful.

    Can any upgraders tell me about the difference in surfing speed? And does the 600 crash less often than the 300?

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