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    I want to change from my current 256 Meg Card to a 512 Meg Card...

    I have both MP3's and programs running off of my current card. What is the easiest way to copy across? Does it work for programs?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I just copied everything from my original card (256MB) to my computer using a card reader. Then I inserted the new card (1GB) into the reader and moved everything back from the computer. It worked great.
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    Also, make sure that you rename the card to the name of your old card. It is case sensitive too.

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    Get a card reader. I got a multi-card reader for $20 at best buy. Very fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by u2mir
    Also, make sure that you rename the card to the name of your old card. It is case sensitive too.
    I didn't experience a problem with not having the same names for my cards. I have several with different music but the same software/programs loaded.

    I should also mention that I don't see much difference (read "any") in the Ultra II 40x speed SD cards vs the regular cards. If I had it to do over, I'd save the $20.
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    OK...thanks for the info....

    I don't have a card reader so any other way to transfer?

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    opus, you could use the Card Export II software. It enables you to use your SD card as a portable USB device. You plug into your cradle or sync cable, run the software and select Connect to Desktop. Then the SD card will appear as a removable drive on your PC. Then copy your files from the old card, swap cards and reconnect to the PC and copy them back. Not the fastest method in the world but if you want fast you have to buy a card reader. You can get card readers for about $15. Using the Card Export II software is convenient as you do not have to carry the card reader around with you if you go to another PC to copy files.

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