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    I bought and have been using my Treo 600 on Verizon since the minute it became available back in July -- and have become quite addicted to it.

    Today I was talking on the Treo using the cheapo headset that came with it in the car without any problems. Then when I took out the headset and 10 minutes later tried to make a voice call using the internal speaker, I discovered that it would not play any sounds through either the speakerphone or the normal phone earpiece. I toggled the sound/no sound switch on the top many times just to see if it was somehow stuck or in an inconsistent state, with no luck.

    However, now when I plug the headset back into the jack, sound WILL play on the speaker. When I pull out the headset plug sound will continue playing for perhaps half a second and then turn off again. This is repeatable.

    I also tried wiggling the headset plug inside the jack to see if it was somehow a loose connection and haven't had any luck.

    I would hate to have to send this back in for repair or wait another minute before using it again, so if anyone has any ideas I'd very appreciative.

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    Have as anyone figured out a solution for this?
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    Have you tried a soft reset?
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    If a soft & hard reset doesn't work for you, call VZW and get a replacement.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beryl
    If a soft & hard reset doesn't work for you, call VZW and get a replacement.
    Should he check pref / sounds?

    StarTAC ST7868W w/ Motorola StarTAC Clipon Organizer; Treo 600; Treo 700P; Palm Pre Plus all on Verizon
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    I checked sound prefs, hard reset, soft reset, factory reset. NOTHING has worked unfortunately, so I called Palmone and luckily I was still within the 90 day limit. I'm more worried that it might be the headset that I'm using. I bought the Seidio "stylish" back headphones from the treocentral store on this site.
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    Silly question, mute button/switch?
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    Twice, it fixed itself (or else, in all my resetting, fiddling with programs, etc. I was able to correct it) but it happened a third time last evening and it's still broken. Did anyone come up with a solution other than trying to replace the unit?
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    I use the palmOne Treo 600 Stereo Headphone Adapter ( I noticed that when I push the adapter in almost all the way the sound reappears on the speaker. Tried a toothpick but no success ):
    Seems as if the problem lies with the adapterů

    Anyone else?
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    This is probably the same problem we are having on the Treo 650's.

    Check this thread:

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    happening to me right now
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    Funny, it's happening to mine right now as well. Snapped a couple of pics this AM and noticed that it didn't make that cool picture noise and then discovered I couldn't get any noises. I had the same thing where if I put the adapter in, it made noise for a half a sec or so and then stopped. I bet its a short in the headphone jack. Kinda sux...
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    i never used the headphone with my treo600 at all. and still:

    i couldn't get any sound out of the speakers when i was calling someone.
    i made a HR, nothing. then i tried to switch the on-off-modus and: wow, it works again. but for howlong?

    i wonder if i should return the phone now (no sound when phoning through speakers isn't normal) to amazon (and wait for the treo 650 to be released in germany where obviously the same thing can happen) or if i should give it (treo 600 at home) another chance.

    i already wrote the mail to amazon.
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    Today, I had a similar problem. The speaker wouldn't work unless I jiggled a headphone connector in the jack. After trial and error, I got the situation to occur at will while playing the MP3 player. Apparently, the "smart" jack knows when a set of headphones are connected. The jack got "dumb & confused" and needs to be replaced.

    I spoke to my carrier, T-Mobile, who is sending me a replacement (fortunately, the device is still under warranty). But, I spent nearly 45 minutes with the support team explaining and helping them figure out how to record this problem in their system (they tried to transfer me to the network people, but I insisted that the problem was hardware). Of course, I then got "elevated" to the serious tech guys somewhere in India who continued to process my ticket.

    Unfortunately, users have to know too much tech stuff to operate these devices and deal with the tech support people. No wonder smartphones haven't taken off as previously hoped!
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    i called plm and am still undet the year warrenry so they are sending me a replacment.
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    i had a similar problem last monday...had my replacement in hand by wednesday.
    way to go, vzw!!!
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    my phone did this a couple times. I believe it has to do with the contacts in the headset connector. If you clean the headset jack on the treo it will usually start working again.
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    Well my problem definately stems from that stupidly engineered
    palmOne Treo 600 Stereo Headphone Adapter

    I should have known better.

    There's no way a 2.5mm jack will take the weight and jarring
    of something that heavy and unwieldy,
    on a daily basis, while walking about,
    without damage.

    (BTW: "jack" is the built-in female and "plug" is the male for you non-techies)

    The damn thing obviously shorted the speaker/earphone control switch or bent a switch spring-contact.

    Either way the fault is the PalmOne Treo 600 hardware.
    It's THEIR adaptor and THEIR phone, used as intended.

    A design with some fore-thought would have provided
    a right angle 2.5mm plug
    connected by a wire to a separate in-line 3.5mm jack
    with a case clip for strain relief.
    (An extra $0.85 in material and 45 seconds manual line assemby?)

    Cheap bums.

    But, like all these crap tech companies,
    their design engineers are probably working in a hut in Burma,
    reverse engineering some other junk
    and their management is probably electronically illiterate.

    I've been trying to get PalmOne (who I purchased from)
    to honor their warranty,
    but all I get is ifinite "music-on-hold" from their myriad menues
    from both numbers :
    813 313 4913

    I've waited 30 minutes on each line and still no human
    with a Service Repair Order # to autorize my return.

    PalmOne's stuck a thorn up my ****
    and I'm gonna give them hell every way I can.

    BOYCOTT PalmOne!
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    I am having the same problem.. AND I'm using the SAME headphone adapter

    The problem is, I bought this phone from someone online, it was an unlocked cingular phone. Do I have any warrenty at all with Palm? I had been using it to listen to music and as a phone, but if I can't salvage it (I already paid over $500 CDN) then I will simply get what I can for it, and buy a cheap flip phone and an iPod...

    any ideas? if there is no warrenty, what about opening the phone myself?


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    ps- how would I clean the jack?? any ideas?
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