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    i had a very similar problem on my Treo - after a big pain in the arse, Palm decided to take mine back and repair it for me. I found this link on Palm UK site:
    They have had it for 3 weeks and i just got an email saying they are sending it back - so fingers crossed... Interestingly enough - in the email saying its on the way there was a link to the parcel tracking site and either my palm was sent and received in Turkey 2 months ago or they have given me the wrong tracking number...
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    i just resived a replacment , and the screen and camerea look like @#$%
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    The contact in the attached pic MUST be closed when the adapter jack is removed.
    The spring strength of these is very weak.
    Therefore ANY dirt/dust will prevent contact.

    Getting your Treo opened ?
    another entire set of pictures.
    And only for the micro-mechanically inclined.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you really want to try this.
    I've done it to three of them now. And they ALL have got the same 'catch' when trying to get them apart.
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    I've played around with my Treo 600 a bit more and confirmed that the mic and both speakers on the unit itself work. This was done accidentally as I was using a paper clip to try to move the headset switch in the jack. It apparently connected a cicuit, and with the clip in there (and held against one side of the jack), the phone worked as it should. Therefore, it does sound as though it could indeed be the contact springs.

    Cadillacman, I'll send you an email. I would indeed like to try opening my Treo to see if I can fix it myself.

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    Success! Cadillacman's instructions were spot-on. I opened my Treo 600 and saw a fiber of some sort in the contacts (I had to use a flashlight and magnifying glass). I plugged in the headset to open the contact, gave it a good blast of canned air, and presto! All fixed.

    Thanks again, Cadillacman!
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    (Note: Earlier, I posted this same response in another similar thread by mistake.)

    I had the same problem. I had no sound through the external speaker nor the earpiece speaker. People could hear me but I couldn't hear anything. So, I opened the phone and I noticed that the middle connector did not move at all when I put a headset Plug in. It always looked like this:

    So I jammed a little piece of plastic into the connector to force it open:

    I thought this would enable the normal phone earpiece spearker but would not allow use of a headset. However, everything works just like normal - so far. I fear this might be a bad thing to do (that switch is there for a reason, right?), but my Treo is a hacked Sprint phone on Verizon's network phone, so I got no warrantee.

    If anyone knows why this works or can shed more light on this issue, please share. Also, does the bottom connector server any function? Mine moves but doesn't fully close when the Plug is inserted.

    BTW, big thanks to Cadillacman for his post and some personal email help.
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    Yep Me too

    And my warranty ran out.
    Spent a lot of time with back and forth my neighborhood Sprint Store for the depressing staff to "diagnose" that it was , well ..... not working. I think they did this by trying to make calls on it - now that's experts for you!

    I can use it with a ear clip external speaker plugged in but not my style.
    The best thing about my Treo was the camera and emailing pics.
    the phone was not ergonomic and Sprint Stores R no fun!

    If I put it on Ebay can ppl only use Sprint?
    bye bye Treo and Sprint.
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