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    finally got my emailing docs down- but now after i open and edit on my treo and email back it does not retain itself as a Word doc. the document is all scrambled on the receipient's end. i saved it as a Word doc. tried it a few times but it keeps on being scrambled, and with all mumbo jumbo mixed into my document.

    any ideas on this one??
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    No! And don`t bother contacting the tech support, they won`t do anything anyway! That`s DataVis!
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    No, "Data Viz" that's DataViz.

    Ed, U using your PC, or the other one? DataViz has redone their support, you may have to pay for their time (like a lot of other companies are doing now). I would call them on monday, try a new install of D2G and or wait till later today and You and I can trouble shoot. My wife has a laptop running XP. You have my SprintPCS email address now, email me if you don't hear from me after 5hrs (church,lunch, and food shop w/ wife).
    D2G, should work 100% the way you want it too. Did you PM Felipe on this board yet? He has pretty good Doc2Go knowlege (or was that pocket tunes?).
    Good luck,Matt

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